Organised by Dr David Lines (PhD, Harvard University) together with other university lecturers, the Kenilworth Community Course has been going since 2012. It provides a stimulating opportunity for adults in work or retirement to explore topics in western civilisation, including art, history, philosophy, literature and film. On Friday evenings, a  group of 12-18 people with a real passion for learning gather to hear a lecture and participate in a discussion of some pre-distributed readings. The topic changes each year. In the first part of 2018 we are looking at ‘Philosophy and Religion in the Christian West’. We are studying figures ranging from St Augustine to Nietzsche.

 No previous knowledge is required—only a real willingness to be engaged!

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The site’s photo depicts the mausoleum of Rolandino Passeggeri (d. 1300), professor of law, in Piazza San Domenico in Bologna, Italy. Photo credit: D. Lines.