Term 1 Programme, 2017

Here’s what we studied in term 1:

13 Jan.  Plato, Aristotle and the body politic (Dr David Lines)

20 Jan.  Ancient coins as representations of power (Prof. Suzanne Frey-Kupper)

27 Jan.  Kenilworth Castle (Dr Jennifer Alexander)

3 Feb.  The sword and the mitre from Augustine to Marsilius of Padua (Dr Alex Russell)

10 Feb. Dante and visions of power (Dr Bryan Brazeau)

17 Feb. Painting in Siena: Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s ‘On Good and Bad Government’ (Dr David Lines)

24 Feb. Tombs of professors in Bologna (Dr David Lines)

3 March Desiderius Erasmus, The Education of a Christian Prince (Dr David Lines)

10 March Machiavelli, The Prince (Dr David Lines)